I have an account that has denied interactive login. But allowed log in as batch and service. Account has permissions as local administrator. Let's call it as a service account.

What I do:
Login via my account to the server,
Created a repeating task, that runs simple batch file (ping an IP address)
Added to the task the account credentials from the service account.
Just for check I run the task manually from scheduled task, and runs ok.
To check the password I run notepad with "run as" with the service account.
I logoff.

What happens:
The task is run at scheduled task and work is done as expected.
But the next day when it should repeats the task, it fails, due to bad credentials or insufficient access. And repeats again and again.
If I again put the credentials to the task the task runs again only first time.
The same occurence happens also on two other servers I tried it on.

Other info:
AD environment
Windows 2003 environment
In gp the account is listed in log in as batch for the server.

Can someone help me with it? Is there an easier way to fix the problem without delete/create a ne account?

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I do not think the cache of passwords is the issue. Because it happens also on servers, where are no scheduled tasks created-running. Also other accounts are not affected that are running the same task or entrelly other tasks. State whether there is someone on the machine or not doesn't affect the run.

Today I pre-setup to run as system, so I do not use the account anymore. But still it is an interesting anomaly. I will surelly check it.


I was checking it again and it looks like that the day when I put the password in, the task works. But the next day it doesn't work.
Same goes for multiple occurence in (same) day, it works. But as soon as it is the next day it won't work. It is like the password was forgotten during midnight.

About the cache credentials, I do not think this is the issues. As the password is stored in scheduled task database.

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