While I was working on a project I accidentally closed down my Form1.cs[Designer]
window and I haven't been able to find how to open it again.

I am using Microsoft Visual C# Express Edition. I have looked around in the program and
haven't been able to find a way to open it again. It says that there is supposed to be
an option on the context menu for it, but there isn't.

A Google search didn't reveal anything that helped me.

Thanks for your help,

- WolfShield

Check the image attached is it your solution?

If u did not delete it.. it will be there in the solution explorer.... select the form + sign and it will show a code and designer files....


abelLazem showed you on the picture where to look for Designer class of the Form.
If you havent delete the whole form class, it shoud be there.

That is the designer class.
But what I am trying to find is the drag and drop GUI designer.

Sorry, I should have clarified.

- WolfShield

If you select a Form.cs file (the one above the Form.Designer.cs file) you should see appear a small square button in the solution explorer. If you hover over it it says: "View Designer"

I don't see a small button.
One more thing I was stupid enough not to mention: I am using MSVC# 2010.

Really sorry about the lack of info guys! Just one of those days.

- WolfShield

The image attached is of VS2010.... Which button are you talking about can you please attach image of the interface in which you are working ?

The designer class will not just disappear unless u have deleted it..... or there must a designer class crash.... it can happen if there is too many anamolies in the form.... pls see in the solution explorer for the form name u have given.... if it is not there then it is deleted....


I must have deleted it.
When I open another project, it has the option.

How would I add the option back again?

And, here is a screen shot of me right clicking the Form1 which is supposed to give
me the 'View Designer' option.

Thank you guys so much for you help so far!

- WolfShield

Form1.Designer.Cs is there look in the image this is the designer just below the cursor dbl click it

Double clicking it gives me picture #1, and right clicking it gives me picture #2.

Click the Form1.cs option then press shift + F7.

Double clicking it gives me picture #1, and right clicking it gives me picture #2.

picture 1 is designer..... what else you are looking for ?

It is right there ... what else are u looking for... i have no idea....

If u double click on Form1.cs it will show the design form i.e the graphical interface which u can modify as u need...

Form1.designer.cs is of no use for now... and the other

Right click on Form1 and select view code or double click on Form1 u will get the coding part...


Select Forms.cs in the green oval, then click on the button in the red oval.
See pic below.

to view the designer, make sure your aspx page is not in the App_code folder.

1) He's talking about Winforms so there is no aspx page at all
2) This is over a year old, he's probably figured it out by now.

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