Hey, I've got my code finished but I need a working exe file but I cant find where it is. The only files I have are the source codes and a sql server compact edition database file whatever that is, which I cant open. Anyone know where I can get the exe file?

That is a particularly unhelpful question. Perhaps your file is named "a.out" in the same directory as your .cpp file(s)? Perhaps you could add information about how you built the project? What compiler you're using? Why there's sql involved in a C++ project?

Sorry, I used visual studios 10. I just used new file > project > win32 console application. As for the sql I'm not sure, I've got all the header files and source files, and the project itself, and then theres the sql file.

The "sql" file is probably part of the "behind-the-scenes" stuff that VS does when you build the program. It's probably not actually an sql file, but something that has a filename extension similar to a file type used by SQL CE.

Have you actually built the project? You have to actually build it for the *.exe to be created... Once you do, it will be in either a "Debug" or "Release" folder under your project folder.

Ah thanks Fbody was hidden in the debug folder :)