Hi guys,

Having .Net Framework installed on target computer I can not run C# .exe file generated from VS 2010 express on other computer.
Please find the image of error and installed .Net Framework on flowing Link

Can you please let me let me know why this is happening?

Thanks for your time in advance.

It looks like an unhanded error occurs. Does your program use any resources that you haven't installed or assume will be on the target machine?

Hi hericles,
Thanks for ur comment,the only thing that I forget to mention is using DevExpress free components on my program!
I have a free licence components of DevExpress and I tried to use the lookandfeel component of that.
Do you think this is the issue?if so, then how we can generate programs to be runnable in end users machine while we know most of them don't required to have support files!?
Thanks again for ur time

If that is the case, and the components aren't a part of your program, you may need to create a custom msi that includes the dependencies. I'm not very familiar with devExpress so I can't give too much advice about that.

You need to get the redistributable assemblies that correspond to your devexpress components. Then bundle these with your installer (if you have one made) and if not you will have to manually install and register them.