I've got a splash screen that plays a flash video upon form load. My problem is, the method to load the flash video is like this:

this.axShockwaveFlash1.LoadMovie(0, @"C:\blahblah\blah.swf");

However, if this app is installed on somebody elses computer they would either have to move the .swf file into that directory or they would have to go into the source code and change the directory to wherever they want. I've added the flash video into the project resources but the 'LoadMovie' parameters won't accept 'global::Properties.App.Resources.file'. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Ok, the simple solution is to have your program save the embedded resource swf movie to disk if it doesn't' already exist. then pass the path to your load movie function.

more importantly, instead of using the loadMovie function, the appropriate way to load a flash movie is using the axShockwaveFlash.Movie property.

now using that there is a more complicated way to go about it, if you set embedmove to true, when the program is ran, it will embed the movie into the control itself. so the movie is playing from memory not disk. unfortunately, this happens at run time and not compile time. although I heard that some people have found ways to make it work.

for now, stick with answer 1.

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I'm actually not 'deploying' my application in an install file, so I can't install it to the directory I want. However I've been able to solve this file by using the GetCurrentDirectory method and store the file there. Thanks for the help :)