hi all i am creating a software which is used by the textile company into that i want to create a barcode system like it can be created by the combination of product code ,size and Colour so anynody have idea about this Please help me on this topic i dont have any idea about barcode and also provide information have to read that barcode Please Help ASAP

once i create barcode haw can i use it generally i must have to print it on Stickers and Stick on Bags

Convert the barcode into an image file and print it for the product you want to use for

Is this for a school assigment or an actual textile plant? There is alot more to be done than being able to read or write barcodes if it is for a real-world application (ie - what do you do with the barcodes after reading them?)

actually it is for identify the product and it Price Time of Manufacturing and all for collection information about Product

its real world Product i have just initiate Project but Client said that he wants that kind of functionality so i don't have any idea about that Hence i have post it earlier so at time of development this module i can get maximum numbers of reference so skatamatic and anybody have good knowledge or code then Please help me as abelLazm provided good reply i thankful to him and guys who will post ahead in advance