I am a noob in C#, web development database knowledge. Hence, some of my terminology may be wrong. So please correct me wherever possible. One of my projects at work requires me to read information from a database (I have a connection string and command text) and an internal(intranet) sharepoint website. I need to "process" this information and display it on an internal web page. The language I have to use for processing and reading information is C# since people at work use C#. Any pointers on how do I go about reading information from a database and sharepoint and ultimately display them on a web page.

For simplicity, we can ignore the processing aspect of this project. Say I need to just read information from an SQL database, an internal sharepoint web page and display it on a web page. How do I go about it? I mean I would just like to know what approach should I take. Are there any libraries in C# that I can use to read information? What should I read up on? How do I go about displaying data?

I hope I was able to make myself clear.