I hava DAO classes to access tables of a Derby db. My DAO's all implement there own interface. I knew I would need to learn what this was. Is anyone farmiliar with
how an application would use an interface for the DAO classes ? I use xml properties to
connect to derby and I think (a year ago) I intended to use the power of the interface
to work with my DAOFactory.java that announces the data base to be used. I was wondering
if someone had experience writing an app that could use the DAOFactory class to switch
the database and properties sheet to switch form An embedded Derby database to a MySQl type
of database. What would this Interface I mentioned do to work with there DAO object?

I can provide specifics concerning the app If there is anyone that know how to use a DAO.

you could also have tried 'ye olde Google', or provided us at least with some code and a specific question.
take a look at this, might be of some help.

I mentioned I could provide code I'm not sure what code to show at the moment.However, the link you provided is almost exactly what I am using. Thanks
for the link and I will try to find how to implement an interface with this.