using ftplib.storbinary(), i am able to successfully upload files of size 60KB, but not of size 7,218 KB and also 26 KB...

I am wondering why is this happening??? should file sizes be a multiple of 10...or what is the actual problem???????????

any reply would be greatly helpful.......

I am getting the following error message:

500 sorry file is not supported for Uploading

There shouldn't be any size limitations on ftplib.storbinary(), no. However, the fact that the error message is coming from the server you are uploading to, rather than the local client, implies that the problem is occurring on the server end.

Looking up the list of FTP error messages, you'll see that the standard error 500 is a syntax error, usually from a command that is too long. The error message you're getting, however, sounds more like a 553 error - 'filename not allowed'. It may be that the server has limits as to the types of files it permits you to upload, but that is speculation. Could you post the traceback from the error, and the relevant code?