hi sir......... wil plz send me a project on inventory managa mant system

jwenting commented: no kan do, bwama -3
stultuske commented: No -2

No sowmya.m, we won't.
1. if you have a question, create a thread, don't revive one that 's been dead for a few years
2. put some effort in it. we're here to help you improve your code and to help solve errors you get, not to deliver custom-code, we're not Java-Devs-R-Us.
3. whether it is for a school assignment or your job, your teacher/employer will realize you didn't write the code yourself, once he asks you to explain some parts or it, or to add new functionalities to it, so it'll be a huge fail, to say the least. a better approach would be to show what you ARE capable of doing, instead of what you CLAIM to be able to do, even if it shows there's a lot of room for improvement. improvement can be thought of as possitive, while ignoring copyrights on code you found somewhere (yes, there are copyrights on programming code. you may want to take a closer look at your (student)contract, it'll propably say - somewhere - that any code you write for school/university or for your employer is legal property of this institution. handing in code on which copyrights already exists may cause trouble there) might lead to being expelled as a student, or fired from your job, not to mention what might happen if the original author makes a big fuzz about it.

so, for your own good, we won't send you a project.