Hi all.
I need to highlight comments on mcedit.
1) comments start with "--"
2) comments may may end with "\n" or with "--"

how to do it in mcedit syntax file?

These lines are my syntax file content which responsible to highlight comments

context -- \n brown # here I have trouble, comments may end with "--" too
context /\* \*/ brown

Please help!

On mc internal editor's syntax file can't contain more than one 'context' tag which starts with the same symbols. Therefore I should use regular expression in this situation. I've already tried this syntax:

context -- \[\n|--\] brown

Anybody know what reg-exp should I use?

Help, please...
I have not solved my problem yet...

Hi _neo_!

Just to be sure, can you tell us what language you're working with? There are a couple of ways this might be accomplished, but I wanted to be sure I'm testing with the correct base syntax file first.


Hi Gromit.
I'm trying do syntax highlighting for ASN.1 syntax.
I've attached what I have now.
Please, help me.
Thank you in advance.

Hmm... I wonder if you can do it like it's done in the lua.syntax file?

There's a 'keyword' line under 'context default' that looks like this: keyword -- brown There is also a separate section similar to the comment line that you have that looks like this:

context exclusive -- \n brown

I hope this helps!

Hi Gromit. Thank you for response.
I've tried do like lua's syntax file, but it doesn't solve my problem.

Does anybody have other ideas?

Here is example of one line comments:
code --start of one line comment, which ends with carriage-return
code --start of one line comment, which ends with '--' symbols -- continue code

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