Is it possible to run C/C++ program on java platform?
if yes? please tell me how can i get the output of the program??

ys that possible and vice versa, who PL as base and call another PL (C or Java)

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Please tell how i will run ma program

yes . But you have to know the keyword of java.
You have to use NETBEAN IDE 7.0/6.5-6.9.1.
In c printf shows a output.
In java you have to write : System.out.println("THE TEXT");
And so on.

Well, it is possible to call an .exe from java. Take a look at this thread.

You can also access native libraries (.dll's or .so's) from Java. To do this you can use JNI (Java Native Interface) or JNA (Java Native Access).

I personally prefer JNA because it much easier to use than JNI.