Hi, I recently got a wireless printer which is downstairs and I want to make a program that turns the printer on/off.

If anyone knows how I can do this, that would be great. I may be able to do this in C# if necessary.

I will post more details on the printer if needed.

Thanks :)

Yes, I want to make a program with an on/off button that allows me to turn the machine on and off :)

I assumed because it is on standby there would be a method of getting it to respond. Simply trying to print something doesn't turn it on.

I actually only need it to switch off, as when I need to turn it on I will printing from it anyway.

How would I get it to turn off?

Why do you need a program? Doesn't it have a sleep value you can reduce and get it to go in standby mode? What model is the printer?

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