hi gyz,
my Dsl modem(model is: An1020-25) have wireless network option.dsl service from isp has been blocked how to connect internet through wirless network of modem using proxy ? is it possible ?
can i use that modem as a wireless card for internet ?
can through a proxy i connect to internet using wireless network of the modem while Adsl service is off (Adsl light is not red its off) ?

Help me if you can .
Thanks in Advance.

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Why did your ISP block it in the first place. Are you using cable to access internet now? Calm down and try to tell me your problem as clear as possible.

Because of late payment isp blocked the service, now dsl light is off means phone line is dead. after the All payment i've blocked the landline service my self. now im using a wireless device of a company. but i want to use that Dsl modem that modem is router also. so my question is can i convert that router modem into a wireless card ?
'W LAN' of the modem is working well and light of W lan is green and statistic test result for W lan is 'PASS'. i know that work of router is distributing internet or packets.but im looking for a way that can convert router into a internet receiver or wifi.
is it possible sir ?

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