I'm having trouble populating a combobox from a table. I do it probably 100 other times in this same program and there are no problems. When the box populates, it just displays System.Data.DataRowView , even thought the display member is set properly. Any ideas?

Dim tbldoc As DataSet1.docHeaderDataTable
        tbldoc = Me.DocHeaderTableAdapter.GetDoc(Convert.ToString(cmbModel.SelectedValue), Convert.ToString(cmbPart.SelectedValue), Convert.ToString(cmbManning.SelectedValue), Convert.ToString(cmbPosition.SelectedValue))

        Me.cmbAssocID.Visible = True
        Me.Label6.Visible = True

        Dim _docID1, _docID2 As String
        _docID1 = tbldoc.Rows(0).Item("docID")
        _docID2 = tbldoc.Rows(1).Item("docID")

        Dim tblIDs As DataSet1.trainingResultsDataTable
        tblIDs = Me.TrainingResultsTableAdapter.GetAssocIDBydocID(Convert.ToString(_docID1), Convert.ToString(_docID2))

        Me.cmbAssocID.DataSource = tblIDs
        Me.cmbAssocID.DisplayMember = "assocID"
        Me.cmbAssocID.ValueMember = "assocID"

        Me.cmbDocument.DataSource = tbldoc
        Me.cmbDocument.DisplayMember = "docType"
        Me.cmbDocument.ValueMember = "docID"

The varialbes _docID1 and _docID2 are being populated correctly. In debug mode, I can see that. Also, Me.cmbDocument is being populated properly from tbldoc . And I have checked the spelling of "assocID" about 14 times. I'm stumped....

I got it. The problem was rooted in a combobox well above this one.

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