Whenever I command my datareport to show, my computer halts. Their are other four report that work well. Then there is the only one that is pulling on my legs. Can any one tell me what the problem might be?

Well, this is my qeury;

query = "SELECT * FROM tblpersonal INNER JOIN tblhistory ON tblpersonal.staff_id = tblhistory.staff_id WHERE (((tblpersonal.doc) <= #" + Dtgen + "#) AND ((tblhistory.latest)=1)AND ((tblpersonal.active) = 'Yes'))ORDER BY tblpersonal.fname"

and the resulting table has 39 fields!!! :icon_rolleyes:
is that too much? if yes please give me anoter option.

The Report suppose to print staff's personal information and staff's latest carrier histoy.

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