I have a hardware controller that I purchased from a vendor that provided a SDK in VB6. The primary reason I chose their controller was the class and SDK that I could get started with immediately.
In the meantime, the vendor decided that dot net VS6 was best developed and supported in C++, so after delivery of the hardware, they provided the SDK with their new software. They provided everything and didn't hold back any of the source code etc. I understand their reasoning but I do not want to learn a new application and want to stick to something I have used many times.

Question: Is it possible to convert their class to VB6? Or, is this even a good idea? It is just that I am much more productive quickly in VB than in C++.


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If you have and understand the source code then go for it.

But i am not sure if VB 6 supports all that implemented in the C++ class.


Now that I read my own post, I see that I mis-represented the question.

OK, the SDK is intended to work with Visual Studio Express 2010. The vendor started with VS 2008 and bumped up to Express 2010 since it was free.

The class a dot.net release written in C# not C++ as I stated.

Sorry for my own lack of detail.


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