I was wondering about learning C++ not from books but from video tutorials.

Anybody have experience in learning from video tutorials?

I found a video course like that: http://video-courses-online.com/programming-courses-online/c-course.php

but i'm not sure if it will be any good. Well there are 3 demo lessons, which I pretty liked, but still I don't know if it's good way to learn programming.

Best regards :)

PS Sorry if I'm posting in wrong thread, if so please move the topic, post. (I was thinking about c++ Books topic, but well this is not a book)

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I tried a video tutorial once for another language but quickly found out that it was just too difficult to follow the tutorial and type the information into my IDE at the same time. I much prefer books where I can learn at my own pace.


Anybody have experience in learning from video tutorials?

I haven't seen any that were worth a damn.

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