Hi guys,
I need some advice please.
My gf wants to buy and install WIndows7 on her machine (a Dell studio 1535). Now, it has windows vista on it, so I was wondering whether there could be any issue with replacing it with WIndows7. Unfortunately it is not my own laptop so I don't feel too good to mess around with it before knowing that it is fine.
If it is ok to do that, what would be the procedure? the usual one, get hold of windows7, install it (will probably format the HD anyway) and that's it, or is there anything in particular I should watch out for?

Firstly, look up the model number of her laptop on the Dell website and see if there is any information about driver compatability for windows 7.
Secondly, windows 7 install won't format the drive by default. You need to click on advanced drive options to do it. Formatting the drive rather than updating vista will make for a better, faster, and more reliable install of windows 7.
Thirdly, she needs to decide if she wants windows 7 32bit or 64bit. I'd recommend 32bit as it's a lot more compatible with older software than the 64bit version.

I hope that lot helps you and her to decide.

I will also add, windows 7 is far far far better than vista. Her laptop will be quicker and far more reliable. I have a nickname for vista. I better not put it here as I may get complaints. Lets just say that i replace the v with sh.

and perhaps finally (!) microsoft knowledge base gives a lot of advice and help on going from Vista to win 7,
the 64 bit is faster and just as stable and can access huge amounts of memory! It also defaults to 32 bit if unable to run 64 bit but I agree wrt drivers.

Oh,it is OK,I am already replace vista to 7

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hi there,
thanks for your replies. I had a look at the Dell website under windows7 compatibility as Rik from RCE suggested but,strangely, her laptop model is not there...! however, when I downloaded on her machine the WIndows7 upgrade advisor from the Microsoft website, it says it is generally fine (I attached the report)

The main things that windows 7 seems to have a problem with driver wise is built-in webcams and card readers. If her lappy has a built-in webcam it can be quite difficult to get a driver if Dell don't have one that will work. For the card reader, often Vista drivers will work on windows 7. Often, it's possible to get drivers that will work from other manufacturers that use identical hardware.
As an example of this, I had a customer with a Sony Vaio who wanted windows 7 even tho I told him that Sony are absolutely useless when it comes to driver support. I did some research after having tried everything Sony had with no success and downloaded a driver from Acer and it worked perfectly!
If Acer can supply a working driver, why can't Sony?!?!?

Hi there,
thanks I see what you mean. I think I will go on then and see what happens, I suppose it can't be worse than windows vista anyway. Is there a quick way to determine which manufacturer has the same camera as that laptop?
If we encounter some problem I suppose I can always post in here and try to find a solution : - ). I read on the dell website that if you are unable to find the drivers usually the ones for vista should work fine

howto links in my signature,good luck

I don't usually add my two cents worth to discussions. I just generally act like a leach and take what good that I can from the threads. However I honestly feel that Windows 7 is the greatest thing since sliced bread, and if you are running that Vista piece of **** you should definitely upgrade to Windows 7. There are two ways to do this and I don't have any particular preference for either one. I upgraded an Acer dual core desktop running Windows XP that didn't have any problems. By the way, when changing to Win 7 from XP, it has to be a full install. The operating systems are totally different. Windows 7 runs great on it but I could have saved the money. However if you have a machine that is running Vista you probably wish that it ran better, faster, and without crashes. I also have a HP G60 dual core laptop that came with Windows Vista. Won't go into a long tirade about Vista. I upgraded to Windows 7 so that I could keep all of my drivers intact and not have to chase around the internet looking for them. In both cases of upgrading the computers I found all of the drivers I needed on Acer and HP's websites. I would suggest that anyone wishing to upgrade to any operating system of any flavor download all of the drivers you may need and save them to a flash drive before upgrading. You will be glad you did.

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