Well i am using asp and VB.Net to make it to where people can check in and check out. I have gridview which has where it shows the data from my sql server that i put dummy data in. When i load my website the data shows up. I do no want that. I want it to be hidden till i enter a number into my textbox and click retrieve and it retrieves everything with a childID (my primary key) of the entered id. Like you enter 1 and it pops up all data with person that has childID of 1. And a new blank row will show up and i set it already to edit,update,cancel. That works fine. All i am having trouble with is this. Keep find things in C# but i am doing it in VB.Net

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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You can set the visible property of the datagrid in the properties section to false in design time and then code your button to make it visible after the search

Well i made it not show up found that out but when i enter say 1 into my textbox it still shows childID 1 and 2 which is my dummy data

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