How to replace text from (abc) to (cba) in


here is text

(abc)random text here(cba)

u mean to say u want to reverse?

See if this helps.

Dim myEntireCoolString As String = "(abc)random text here(cba)" '// your string.
        Dim xiStartIndex As Integer = myEntireCoolString.IndexOf("(abc)") + 5 '// locate the start Index.
        Dim xiEndIndex As Integer = myEntireCoolString.IndexOf("(cba)", xiStartIndex) '// locate the end Index.
        Dim myFoundCoolString As String = myEntireCoolString.Substring(xiStartIndex, xiEndIndex - xiStartIndex) '// extract content.
        myEntireCoolString = myEntireCoolString.Replace(myFoundCoolString, "something here to replace with") '// replace content.
        MsgBox(myEntireCoolString) '// get result.
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