i have ADO connection in MS Access, when i tries to execute con.execute command, MS-Access gives error like MS Access encounter serious problem and needs to be closed. any help or suggestion. thanks in advance

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I usually use DAO with MS Access, and I have several DAO enabled programs that read/write data in a MySQL database .. but to use ADO you need the "Microsoft ActiveX 2.7 Library" included.


Not much information to go on here. What is the exact code you are executing? How are you setting the connection string for your ADO Connection? Please post so we have a better idea of where your problem might be.

Also, in your VB6 project, are you using the ADO Data Control, or just using the objects in code? If you are just using the objects in code, you might set references to "Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects 2.8 Library" and "Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects Recordset 2.8 Library".

Then, it also depends on how you want to connect...using the MS Jet engine OLEDB (3.51, 4.0, etc.) provider, or via the MS Office 12.0 Access Database engine OLEDB provider, or ODBC.

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"MS-Access gives error like MS Access encounter serious problem and needs to be closed."

This almost tells me that he's using MS Access, not Visual Basic. In Access he can use ado in code either behind a form or in a module ..

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