I have created a windows form application which goes through Internet Explorer index.dat files and extracts various information (URL's , date they were last accessed etc). I then display this information in a data grid view. From here i would like to be able to click on a URL link and open the web page without activating any active content (such as java script, activex, viruses etc). I have tried to do this using Internet explorer in 'offline mode' with the problem being if the web page requires an online connection it automatically changes Internet Explorer from 'work offline' to online mode. Is there a way around this problem? Or does anyone have any suggestions on a better way to view the web pages with no active content?


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I guess you could stop all client side scripts be going into IE's advanced settings and turn off all scripts and download options, even images if you wanted to go that far. But that will still let server side code run - if you want to stop ALL processing of the web page I don't think it can be done. The URL link requests a page and server sends it back. End of story.

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