I would like to create a textbox (search engine) that can search for items in a database that contains text as that keyed in the textbox.
I am already aware of this code:
bindingsource.filter = "table Like '" & textbox & "%'"
what I want is that when I entered "a", all items containing "a" will be displayed like
Star Apple

Another thing, I would like to create a search engine that can search for FILES from all folders in the whole computer system. I can only search for files from specified folders...Thanks

hi. Think you need

fruit LIKE '%a%'


fruit LIKe '*a*'

wildcard * or % depends on your database access - Access/sqlserver/oleDB etc. See what works. Substitute "fruit" with the appopriate field name.

Make use of the 'LIKE' wildcard

THANKS A LOT TO CRAPULENCY!!!!!!!!!!! and to the others who gave a speck of their knowledge. It worked!