Hello, I am an intermediate Python programmer, and I was just wondering how is python used on the web? would it be something similar to php, and what software do I need to use in order to use python on the web because I am very much interested in web development and python. Thanks

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Its used to make web apps by people who think PERL is not verbose enough and ruby is a "toy" language.

Basically everyone has their own pet language and anything else is junk to them for any reason.

I use whatever language will get the job done, because in the end that's the whole point, accomplishing work of some sort.

He want to know how python is used in web development,that you use whatever language
do get the job done has nothing to with the question asked at all.

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Actually I do not know much, but once I came across a python web framework called Bottle.
I am not sure if this is what you are looking for, but you can just check it out.
link to bottle

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