On the advise of ~S.O.S~, i checked out code blocks.
It's rather intuitve to use. (It has to be, the documentation is very limited.) The debugger works well with it. In fact i used the step function to find a place where i was stuck in a loop. The yellow cursor arrow allows you to "follow along" in the code as you step. Very cool.

Perhaps this is 'old hat" for you pro's out there, but it impressed the hell out of a noob like me!

The only problem I had with the install was on Linux.
The program requires you to pre-install the wxGTK package. Once this is done, everthing installs as advertised. Windows XP pro had no issues at all.

Thanks for the info!!!

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So you guys say this compiler is way better than Dev-Cpp? I never used CodeBlocks but im intersted in it. What are things you like more in CodeBlocks than in Dev-Cpp


It's an IDE...not a compiler. you can use whatever compiler yo want with it.
I happen to use g++ (gcc but for c++)


I switched from Dev-C++ to Code::Blocks recently. The interface is awesome. I'm using the MinGW compiler, so there's no difference in compile time (they are using the same compiler). The only thing that I like about Dev-C++ that Code::Blocks doesn't have is DevPaks. They are REALLY easy to add to Dev.

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Second that.
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