i want to calculate total salary according to attending days.
please help me in coding.

May be God know what you are asking.

May be God know what you are asking.

hello debasisdas,
i have no any idea about salary calculation bcoz i m 19,student.
and i m working on a project of donation management for ngo's.
if you are unable to get my question then ignore it, don't try to insult me.

shivya, debasisdas is quite correct since you did not supply sufficient information regarding your question.

To calculate salary, I can start w/hourly wages, overtime, weekends pay, vacation time on/off, bonuses, etc..
You need to supply the required info for your question, not disrespect the ones that offer to help.

Question is, where do I start to even try to provide a possible solution for your thread?

don't try to insult me.

You asked for it.


Whose salary ?
How salary is determined ?
What are the components of salary ?
Where is the details stored ?