My application is in VS2008 coded in Vb.net.I have a datagridview which is populated from Database.I have a save button on the same form that has DatagridView.
My requirement is i want that all the records that are populated in DatagridView should be saved in a certain table of the database when the user clicks save.
Im done with my save and Update code.What im not able to do is,im not able to increment the counter and move to the next row of datagridView when my For loop is executing after the click of Save button.
Below is my Code.

For i As Integer = 0 To DGVStudRecord.RowCount - 1
My Code for Update and Save.

Here what is happening is when save button is clicked my for Loop is executing and looping till RowCount-1.But i want that after completion of each loop my i should get to the next row in the datagirdView.I should be able to get the values of next row to pass it to my controls that are carrying update and delete operation.
The entire data in the datagridview will be saved in a certain table at the click of save button.
Please suggest.

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If the table that you want to save the data to is the same table that you use to populate the DataGridView, then I suggest that you use databinding to bind the DataGridView to a DataTable.
You can find several solutions for databinding right here on DaniWeb.

Every time that you make a change in the DataGridView, the DataTable will be updated to match those changes.
When you click the Save button, you can push those changes from the DataTable onto the database.

If your loop is working, perhaps your problem is not the loop, but the way you read data from your datagridview.
Please post what is inside the loop.

Below is my actual Code.
I want the cursor to move to next row and provide respective colum values to my update query.

For i As Integer = 0 To DGVStudRecord.RowCount - 1
            Dim strsql1 As String = ""
            con = DBActions.DBConnect
            strsql1 = "Select No from TableName where No='" & DGVStudRecord.Item(0, DGVStudRecord.CurrentCell.RowIndex).Value & "'"
            cmd = New SqlCommand(strsql1, con)
            dr = cmd.ExecuteReader
            If dr.HasRows = True Then
                strsql = "Update TableName set No='" & DGVStudRecord.Item(1, DGVStudRecord.CurrentCell.RowIndex).Value & "'," & _
                      "Column1='" & DGVStudRecord.Item(2, DGVStudRecord.CurrentCell.RowIndex).Value & "'," & _
                      "Column2='" & DGVStudRecord.Item(3, DGVStudRecord.CurrentCell.RowIndex).Value & "'," & _
                      "Column3='" & DGVStudRecord.Item(4, DGVStudRecord.CurrentCell.RowIndex).Value & "'," & _
                      "Column4='" & DGVStudRecord.Item(6, DGVStudRecord.CurrentCell.RowIndex).Value & "'," & _
                "where No='" & DGVStudRecord.Item(0, DGVStudRecord.CurrentCell.RowIndex).Value & "'"
                cmd = New SqlCommand(strsql, con)

Please dont look for code it may contain error as i have truncated it.Just tell me how can i get the new row values to give it to query parameter to update.

Hi frnds,
got the solution.
instead of using DGVStudRecord.Item(0, DGVStudRecord.CurrentCell.RowIndex).Value
I was missing this simple logic
im supposed to use.

DGVStudRecord.Item(0, i).Value
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