i m student .i m doing my final project.
i really found this forum to be very useful for me.
my project is related to screen capturing
i want to create a file with .swf extension from images in a directory and a wav file.
simply u can say that i wanna create presentation from vb using imgs in directory and a wav file(which is for audio)
i need code in vb6
if anybody hve solution then pls reply me as soon as possible
i will be thankful to u.

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The question I have is, are you actually trying to make a .swf (shock wave flash) file, or are you just trying to make VB MIMIC (act like) a .swf file?

hi . thanks for responsing firstly.
ya u r true i wanna create .swf file through vb6
pls if u hve any solution regarding this then pls reply me as soon as possible.

i guess ur question is not clear. VB will not help u that much to create the swf file, u can convert some files to swf.

if i understood correctly, follow this...

- create ur swf file by using Macormedia Flash.(you can animate the image, also including audio also possible)
- then create the vb project to play ur swf file
- open new vb project, there is a built in control called Shockwave. drag this to ur form.
- assign ur swf file to this control
- compile the project, the swf file will be start playing on ur vb form.


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