Hi everyone!

I have just recently joined the daniweb forums and have read over many topics. I am new to VB.NET and programming in general. I know the basics though like variables, loops, events, ect. I am 14 and into games and I really want to make a server, client game. could somone please provide me with code that I could look at or a quick project you could make for me to look at the code. could you teach me how to program a server, and teach me how the server interacts with the client. An example that would be usefull to me would be... character joins game and has login screen, when they register there character, data is put into a file on my server folder on my desktop. and another good example would be when the player logs in with login info the client tells the server to get the players info from that character file. Thanks!


That is a huge project to undertake for a beginner. There are so many new concepts for you to learn. No one will post the code here as it would take a long time to code it. You have a lot of design decisions to make first - will it be purely web browser based, will it use web services or .net remoting? how will it be hosted on the server? IIS, windows service or custom hosting? What database will you use. And thats before we even get into designing the program itself.
Put that project on a list of things to do in the future as you really wont understand if i talk about .net remoting and sinks, proxies etc or if i talk about webservices and wsdl and soap.
Get yourself a good beginners book or better go through the web and look at some apps there. the msdn library is always a good place to start. They usually have 101 applications in VB (or C#) which are useful both as tools and as an understanding of how to do most things. They start off simple and go through to complex things and i am sure webservices, web pages and remoting will be covered there as well as gdi+ which you will need to draw your games to the screen.
Good luck :)

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