Please i am trying to compile my programme, and each time i do the access database is outside the executable. I was wondering if it is possible to compile it and the database will be within the executable, or better still how do i make it an installer kind of application that sends all the files to the programes folder on the computer.
Any contribution is highly welcome.

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On your installer project, on the file system, under application folder add the database.

If if you need the database in a distinct folder, then add it to the file system tab and put the database inside.

Hope this helps

I dont understand the "installer project" bit...i've gone through the whole vb2010 express and i can find it. Or is it restricted to the full version?

I am using the professional version and has a project of type installer, but I will bet that in VS Express you can create a new project of type ClickOnce Security and Deployment (see here).

Hope this helps

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