can anyone tell me how to programe barcode in vb6.0. i want to use barcode reader in my newly developed retail shop software. i'll be very thankfull?

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Are you trying to create or read bar code using your program ?

i want to creat barces from my software bro. kindly show me the way

you have to use third party components / libraries for the purpose

plz tell me any third party component or liberary


I guess what you mean is
a program that reads a barcode.

Actually barcode reader is automatic.
For example if you have a textbox
on your form and the focus is in it.

When you scan using barcode reader
automatically it will display barcode
in the textbox then you can now play with

plz tell me any third party component or liberary

Google it.

dear Capritarius21 i know that but i dont have any knowledge about creating a barcode using vb6. plz guide me if you got any knowledge.

As already suggested you need to use some third party component and you have to decide that by browsing through the list of available components in net. While deciding the component a lot will depend on how much you are willing to spend.


Give me specific flow/conditions for the program
that generates barcode that you want to create.
Then from their I will try to help.

plz any tell me how to connect a barcode sccaner to a pc and how get readings from it
i have honeywell MS9540 barcode reader...


It's automatic, like for example
if you put textbox in your form
then you run the program
and use your MS9540 barcode reader
automatically the barcode
you scan will be displayed in
the textbox.

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i have checked many times but its still not working. i have honeywell MS9540 scanner.

Download the barcode_label_activex.exe from the net. Install this application. Add BARCODE_ACTIVEX.ocx component to your VB Program. Go through the Code Given for this .exe file. And u will come to know th erest.

For further help, mail to:

As already mentioned the barcode scanner works like a normal input device like a key board. so when you scan the bar code using the scanner any editable window having focus will be populated with the code. No need of any specific text box not even any application. Just ensure that the device is working properly and try that with a notepad.

thanx to all to guide me to generate barcodes in vb6.0. now some body tell plz me how to configure barcode scanner? i have usb based honeywell MS9540 barcode scaner.


I should mention that i am using my laptop acer aspire 5920

There are bar code fonts you can download and install on your PC for the purpose. Just google "barcode font" and you will find plenty. Using this font you can print barcodes on your normal laser on A4 etc however if it is for a shop you may want to consider buying a barcode printer that prints on small sticky labels

how to create a text file and to write into it

open "c:\myfile.txt" for output as #1
write #1, "here is some text"
close #1

how to create a text file and to write into it

I've worked with these before. And from looking at the specs of your scanner all you have to do is scan the barcode, the barcode scanner will decode the symbols and translate them into ASCII characters that can be read as text.

To make it easy on yourself. Drag a Text Box Control onto your form. Make sure the MultiLine property is set to True.

Start your program. Make sure the focus is on the Text Box by clicking your mouse on the text box.

Scan a bar code. Press the button and then you should see the text appear in the text box.

You shouldn't have to worry about special drivers. Your scanner acts like a USB keyboard input and should be detected as such. And since it acts like a keyboard, you should receive input similar to that you would receive from typing on your keyboard.

For coding purposes. You should have a careful look at your documentation. Oftentimes a scanner will send a special character that you can check and look for in your program to verify that you are receiving a bar code scan and not just regular input from the keyboard. You can then write code to set the focus to a text box or read the input into a string variable which you can process later.

And just as there are special characters at the start of a bar code, there should be special characters at the end of a bar code scan. You need to write code to respond to these special characters to process the bar code information at that time: whether that be to enter a sale, update your inventory, etc.

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