Hi all,

right now i am going to make my own application like remote desktop sharing.

I search a lot on google.
mostly suggetion is like, USE microsoft RDP Active X control.
I used it and its working properly.
But after all it's through inbuilt RDP control.

I wanted to make this type of application by my own.
Can any one help me, from where should i start.
any idea regarding this type of applicaion or any classes you know of .NET that can be use to achieve this.

i dont want to use inbuilt control. i want to write my own code to achive this.

please help for start up. from where should i start....

any help will be appriciated.

thanks in advance.

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This is not my area of expertise, but I think I can give you some ideas if anything.

A good start would be developing a client/server type application, the server would run on the computer you want controlled, or accessed from the outside, the client would be a standalone app you could use on any internet connected computer to access your server computer.

the server app should wait for a connection attempt and once successfully connected broadcast general information about the system to the client as requested. cursor position, active windows, directory information. there are windows apis you can import that will let you tell the system to click the mouse, release the mouse, ect.

of course the true MS remote desktop logs you in as the user, and lots the local user out, that type of concept I wouldn't know where to begin, but as for controlling the mouse and seeing the screen via a networked computer, it wouldn't bee to amazingly difficult.

exactly ...
As a bigginer i just want to make application that will control screen or desktop of remote pc and mouse of remote pc....

then after i want to move further ...
any one can help in this direction??mainly for controlling screen ....

well I am sorry to say, this isn't exactly beginner type programming. Its a goal to work toward, break it into small pieces, get each part of the concepts working, then bring them together.

but I am sorry, I can't really help you much with it, as I'm not a great network programmer. Best of luck to you and your application.

thnks a lot ..
i said bigginer in sense of this application only, not for network programming.
i have already done 2 application in network programming
and thnks for u response

hi crasyboy
i have to develop an application like yours but i haven't start yet
so can you tell me please how can i start and haw can i use RDP Active X controle
or have you any references that can help me to begin

using RDP is not much difficult ...
u just have to set ip address ....
and some other properties of RDP class ...

and i have not used it ... coz using RDP , remote desktop is already given in XP OS.

if u want to use RDP than download that DLL and just use...

so can you tell me haw or where can start
and is it recommended to use a vpn connection before start any session

or have you any references that's can help me to start may remote admin app

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