I have a whole bunch of information that has been parsed from a web page and i want to insert the data into a multi-demensional array and the compare the data of a certain array element to another array in the same format to determine which is missing/added.

So if i have this:

Type of animal | Color | Age

Cat, Brown, 15
Dog, Pink, 6
Fish, Orange, 4


Cat, Brown, 12
Wolf, Grey, 16
Dog, Black, 11
Bee, Yellow, 5

I only want to compare the type of the animal and the color and age is irrelevant.

I want it to let me know whats missing and what's been added.

Sounds bizarre but yeah.

It doesn't need to be arrays, it's the only thing i know of though.


This would be the best to use a generic list<T>, where T would be a custom class "AnimalData" for example.
Add data to list (two of them), and then by using Linq get whats missing.

Will it go?