Okay, so I'm new to C++ programming and am working on a simplified project to find Expected taxable income. The project states that I have to set SI, HH, MJ, and MS as const int variables equal respectively to 5700, 8350 11400, and 5700.

const int SI = 5700;
const int HH = 8350;
const int MJ = 11400;
const int MS = 5700;

Well then I have to prompt the user to input

cin >> ??? >> number_exceptions >> income >> Itemized_deductions >> real_estate_taxes_paid;

I didn't actually use those names for the other variables but my question is what do I put for the first cin input so that it would be one of the above constants???

thanks to anyone who considers my question.

Why are you trying to input to a constant? You can't. The whole point of a constant is that it's value remains unchanged throughout the execution of your program.

I think you're going to have to clarify your intent.