hello all
In a cells of a datagridview I place a gif image name new.gif .

I can show it immediately after the the form load even

I try to print this datagridview cell(0,0) value which is an image name new gif:

Object imgobj= dataGridView1.Rows[0].Cells[0].Value;

but then I do not know how to change this imgobj to something which can be printed
and the printed result show the "new.gif" image
hope someone teach me please

thank you

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Why you dont get the image directly out of the cell? You dont need to parse it to object.


public Form1()
            //creating image column:
            DataGridViewImageColumn imageColumn = new DataGridViewImageColumn();
                imageColumn.Name = "colImages";
                imageColumn.HeaderText = "Images";
                imageColumn.Width = 100;
                imageColumn.ImageLayout = DataGridViewImageCellLayout.Normal;
                imageColumn.CellTemplate = new DataGridViewImageCell(false);
                imageColumn.DefaultCellStyle.NullValue = null;
            //adding column to dgv:

            //adding one image to cell of dgv:
            Image pic= Image.FromFile(@"C:\1\backward.png");
            dataGridView1[0, 0].Value = pic;

        private void button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
            //retreiving image form dgv:
            Image img = (Image)dataGridView1[0, 0].Value;

hello Mitja

Thank you,it's work

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