well, i am one of the few kind souls that has nothing better to do than to start a new thread like this. recently in the forum networking, i have come across many poster who can't connect to the internet becaise of firewall blocking the connection. Not all case are related to firewall. I just want to raise awareness that firewall setting may have blocked connection like wireless, bluetooth or file sharing. Some may consider to disable their firewall so that they can connect to the internet while doing this can solved your problem, firewall is also an important tool that can help minimise the risk of having malware or virus in your computer, it can help to reduce email spamming. Most computer have firewall preinstalled on it while in rare cases it don't hav. You may want to go and download it for free on the internet. Firewall have different settings, some setting blocked all connection including wireless and bluetooth while some settings only blocked a few stuff maybe malware and email spamming so that allows you to connect to internet. Choose the right settings, choose settings that allow you to connect to internet and also at the same time prevent malware from happening to often. If you had any problems post in this thread and i will answer your queries. The bottom is the link for free firewall download.


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It is never a good idea to turn off your firewall, for reasons you mentioned in your post here. If it is for a short while to trouble shoot a connection problem, it is okay to do so, but turn it on afterwards again, and rather do the correct settings on the firewall itself to solve that connection problem.

Hi kraai, agreed with you. Can you please vote in the poll. Thanks, i want to see the response

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