Hi all,

I'd appreciate if somebody could shed some light on the following;

I have a tabbed container, each tab has the same controls but for a different target.

I am using a timer to control when to fire each event from the 5 different tabbed controls, my problem is this.

The event only fires when the focus is on that specific tab.

So when an event on tab2 should fire, if i am looking at tab1 then tab2 event does not fire.

BUT if i am looking at tab2 when the event should fire, then it does happen.

I can't seem to find any information on what exactly i am overlooking.


Could you show us your code and what events you are talking about?


This is the code that fires a click event on buttons;

If Website1ImpactWhenListBox.Items.Contains(DaySecondsTimer) = DaySecondsTimer.ToString() Then
        End If
        If Website2ImpactWhenListBox.Items.Contains(DaySecondsTimer) = DaySecondsTimer.ToString() Then
        End If

Website1overideButton is located onTabPage1
Website2overideButton is located on TabPage2

If you need any further code to assist in your diagnosis please let me know.

Ok i was stupid!

I forgot to focus() on the tab i wanted.


Thank you for your assistance.

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