Public Sub Clear()
Form_Main.ctl_InspName.Value = ""
Form_Main.ctl_ESN.Value = ""

Form_Main.ctl_ToAProcess.Value = 0
Form_Main.ctl_ToAProduct.Value = 0

Form_Main.ctl_ProcessYes.Value = 0
Form_Main.ctl_ProcessNo.Value = 0
Form_Main.ctl_ProcessNotes.Value = ""
Form_Main.ctl_ProcessNotesCount.Visible = False

Form_Main.ctl_InspectionYes.Value = 0
Form_Main.ctl_InspectionNo.Value = 0
Form_Main.ctl_InspectionNotes.Value = ""
Form_Main.ctl_InspectionNotesCount.Visible = False
End Sub

so that is the code is giving me problems does anyone knows what can i do to fix it.. thanks ^^

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Not proper implementation.
Asks for help but does not provide details.
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What is the error message that goes with that error number? Do you expect us to look it up just because you are too lazy to type in the eerror text?

What line is generating the error? Are we supposed to guess that as well?

How are we supposed to know what the associated controls are for the values that you are setting? You haven't provided us with any information. For all we know the error could be as simple as assigning the wrong datatype to a control.

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