i want some help i have this progamm and i want to add points when a letter is found 10 points PLZ HELP ME! i also want to make it for two players

Module Module1

Public zoes As Byte
Sub Main ()
Dim un As String
un = Console.ReadLine()
Dim word As String = un
Dim word As String 'Initialize the secret word Computer
Dim display As String = MakeDisplay (word)
Dim letter As String
If word <> "end" Or word <> "End" Then
Console.Write ("Please enter keyword")
word = Console.ReadLine ()
End If

zoes = Len (word) - 2 '
Console.WriteLine ("Give a timetable for the word" & display)
letter = Console.ReadLine
Call FindLetters (word, letter, display)
Loop Until (word = display) Or zoes = 0

Console.ReadLine ()
End Sub

Public Function MakeDisplay (ByVal w As String) As String
Dim display As String, c As Byte
display = Left (w, 1)
For c = 2 To Len (w) - 1
display = display & "-"
display = display & Right (w, 1)
Return display
End Function

Public Sub FindLetters (ByVal w As String, ByVal letter As String, ByRef display As String)

Dim c As Byte, found As Boolean
found = False
For c = 2 To Len (w) - 1
If Mid (w, c, 1) = letter Then
display = Left (display, c - 1) & letter & Right (display, Len (display) - c)
found = True
End If
If Not found Then
Console.WriteLine ("There is the letter" & letter)
zoes -= 1
Console.WriteLine ("Good Guessing the letter" & letter)
End If
Console.WriteLine ("Do you still" & zoes & "lives!")
If zoes = 0 Then Console.WriteLine ("Sorry you lost! The game will end!")
End Sub
End Module

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put code tag around your code please

If you would be able to write your program design in full psuedo code, then i will be more than happy to write this out in full for you, and i have access to College tutors who teach VB.net who will be able to help with the debugging and testing.

So if you are interested please message me the psudo code and/or a rough testtable.

Also if you require help with the psuedo code, PM me and again i will be more than happy to help.


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