My main idea is to encrypt the document and send it to another database through the internet. There for I want to know when I send that ;

Should I have to use SSL to send encrypted document?
Or else
Can I send encrypted document without using SSL?

would appreciate your quick response.Thanks

If the document is encrypted already, I don't really see the point in sending it with SSL.

Ok thanks.But I have another problem.When I send the encrypted document without using SSL , data can be seen by the man –in middle.How i overcome this problem?

Assuming the data is encrypted, the 'man in the middle' can only see a jumbled mess of data. Depending on the algorithm used to encrypt the data, this should be nearly impossible for him to decypher.

yes.i got your point.But if i transfer encrypted document client to any serve database ( like n to n transferring) ,can any spies see the encrypted data packets ?

if answer is yes,can i avoid that matter using any suitable Steganography technique?


If you don't secure the end points of the transmission (via SSL or something similar) then a man in the middle can always find a way to access the packets.
Steganography is just encryption with another name. If you don't want people to be able to see the packets use SSL. If you are confident in your encryption algorithm, don't.

Many thanks for your replay and further to the conversation, I need to clarify the accuracy of my idea whether it is productive

My idea is transfer encrypted document without using SSL. In that case data can be seen by the man –in middle. So will it be a useless thing if I use suitable Steganography technique to overcome above problem? Because if data is hidden spies not attempt to decrypt the information.

This is my basic idea. Kindly advise me how far my idea is correct and would appreciate if you could come up with suggestions to improve above.Thanks.

OK,I see what you mean. If you used steganography to make the encrypted data part of a large image or a boring text file then the man in the middle would have no interest in looking for the encrypted stuff. They would need to know before hand that there was encrypted date or they really are just taking a gamble.