Hey, So I am completely new to python, I was wondering if someone could assist me with this program I am trying to make, The idea is simple, a program that counts for the user. Asking the user to enter a starting number, ending number, and the amount to count by, then the program should then print the results. Can someone please show what I would go about making a program such as this in Python? Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Please note the forum rule regarding effort and school assignments:
- Do provide evidence of having done some work yourself if posting questions from assignments.

Post your code and specific questions about the issues you are having trouble with.

Maybe Luke should do his own work...

Yours truly,
Mr. Beeler

Oh, please tell me someone finally got caught doing that by their teacher. Also think about range, it should take you about 45 seconds to do this program if you just take a moment to think about it.

Yes I'm Luke's teacher. And it wouldnt even take 45 sec because his programming book tells him line by line how to write the program.

Mr. Beeler

Tisk tisk, sounds like some points off for attempted academic dishonesty to me...

I want to know if it's high school or college, I really hope high school.

I'm a high school teacher at liberty. Our website is here hsd.k12.or.us and Luke if your reading this you have better hope that this assignment is %190 perfect(that way you'll at least get %10)

hey Mr. Beeler, I could totally use a tutor!

Opened up my spam folder in my email to come across this lovely surprise. Don't worry Beeler. I'll make it 300% perfect.

You don't need me as a tutor because apparently daniweb is a better teacher.

from what i've seen, daniweb isn't very helpful to students, and when they do offer their assistance, a lot of times they tend to forget that we're "students" and don't understand what they even mean half the time, and then use methods that are way more advanced than where we, as students, are

you win some, you lose some, but the help is appreciated either way

That is at least from my side quite intentional, as I want to pass Pythonic (and often pyTonyc) ways, as purpose is understanding the language and getting most of it. As we do not like to give direct solutions, at least I try to give in some sense better solution than expected. That leaves the OP the task to select what he want to adapt and the task of adapting to his code. That gives OP chance to internalize the given code and inherit it by own effort. Same time he has learned about better solutions for use in future. This is my intention, it is for others to judge how well I accomplished it.

Too bad this is fake... It was a prank that another student in our class (yes im in the same class as luke) played by making a fake account under our teachers name.

So essentially this thread has no point. 'Lukester3' never did bother to show the slightest effort towards solving this problem and the posts have devolved to discussion of a classroom prank.

The tech forums don't need useless clutter like this. Thread closed.

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