I have an assignment here.Can anyone Please help me in doing it because i haven't copied the codes that my prof gave me.
Using BufferedReader create a program that will complete the salary of the employee.
Use the ff: formula:
BasicPay=Rate * Number of hours worked
OvertimePay=(rate * .30 + rate * num of overtime hours
Salary=BasicPay + OvertimePay

Employee name:
Enter number of hours worked:
Enter Rate:
Enter number of hours overtimed in work:


NO effort from your side, NO help from ours.
you say you didn't copy the code of your prof, well ... as far as we know, you didn't get any code, and are supposed to write it yourself.

if it is code your prof handed you to help you, no doubt your classmates will have copied it. e-mail one of them and ask them for the original code.

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a. This is December. You've already have had 3 months of classes. You must know how to write a basic Java program by now.
b. You know to use BufferedReader. Google it!
c. You already know the formulae to use. Code it!
Glad I could be of service!

^^ all that and a note from our forum rules (you did read those when you signed up, right?):
- Do provide evidence of having done some work yourself if posting questions from assignments.

Thread closed. Feel free to repost if you can demonstrate that you've made some effort on this yourself.