Hye. I'm a new daniweb members. I've been learning java for 4years from zero. i became to not lazy in java programming since i have to do my thesis project in java.

i am developing a very simple jave coding for my thesis. the objective is to print cheque. as if we are using an atm machine. i develop something new that we can print out cheque at the atm. so i've been designing the interface, passing the value.

the problem is the maain function is not working since i've just finished all the simple task.

here i attached all the finished code.
the point is i have to print the cheque that i have made and i am working on a little encryption.

any idea??? i have my viva on 27th this is all i can....

i attached my project in zip. anyone please take a look.. any question, mail me at <EMAIL SNIPPED>

so, you've studied Java for four years, haven't bothered to Google 'print + Java', actually believe we are going to go through every line of code you've written for your thesis without getting even a bit of usefull information?

what do you mean by 'print' (I assume on paper through your printer, but for the fun of it:) in your command prompt, in a JLabel, in an output file?

your main method is not working .. in what file do we find your main method?
are you getting error messages? what are they? when does a problem occur? compile-time? run-time?

does it run, but you just get other results than you expect?