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I am Cagri from MARTI LTD in TURKEY. As Marti Ltd we are searching assistance of delphi programmers. We would release works, we need assistance, in some time through internet. Therefore we want from programmers willing to colloborate us to send their mail addresses and their knowledgement and career to mail address below. So as Marti Limited we can send you links to apply the works. WE WILL WORK VIA INTERNET.

Thanks for your attention


e-mail: cagri@martianimation.com

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I do want to know more about your deal. We are in delphi for arround 10 years. Please reply if you want further informations.
With warm regards,
Delphi Programmer.

I interested, me a delphi programmer from indonesia

I interested, me a delphi programmer from indonesia

i'm not 100% sure but i think that exist a section where job offers can be made! one of the admins should close this!

best regards,

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