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I've been working on some autocomplete abilities for a webbrowser I'm building, rather like in IE or Firefox. This is what I mean:


I have absolutely everything working - adding search providers from webpages, getting the search suggestions as an XML file from whatever provider may be being used, and adding them in a multithreaded manner to the combobox with all the suggestions in it.

But there's a problem. Due to the fact that the search suggestions are only retrieved (in a matter of milliseconds) after the user has typed something in the Combobox, the suggestions only flicker up, as they are modified just after the text is changed, therefore I get an effect like this:


Again, I'm pretty sure I'm getting this effect because of the fact that I'm adding the Auto Complete suggestions to the combobox right after the text is changed - so they just hide themselves again - and this process is repeated.

Does anyone know any way in which I might be able to stop this disappearing from happening? Because I've had a good think about it and I can't really think of any workarounds. Thanks!

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your second link is broken

I'm not quite certain as to exactly what the issue is, as bluehangook629 mentioned about the broken.link, though here's a suggestion that seems to work w/Forms and graphix on them. Set the Form's Properties of "DoubleBuffered" to True. It might help w/the rendering, If rendering is an issue.

I think that you can do this for web links:
Select the Textbox for the link and modify its property MISC
AutoCompleteCustom : Here you can write text that the textbox will suggest.
AutoCompleteMode : None / Suggest / Append / SuggestAppend
Select whatever you want
AutoCompleteSource : FileSystem / HistoryList / RecentlyUsedList / AllUrl / AllSystemSource / FileSystemDirectory / CustomSource / None
if you select CustomSource that it will suggest with the AutoCompleteCust items.
I suggest you: AllUrl, the textbox will suggest all web url...

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