Hey guys! I'm new to programming and C++ is my first programming language. I have studied books on the language but I know the real job is the application of what I have been studying. I am planning to do a project this semester that will help me to actually practice what I've been studying.

Please I need suggestions on what project you think will help me the most.

Thanks :)

An actual real-world project will help you a lot.

We don't know what you've learned, so it is hard to suggest anything, but if you really want to practice, try to solve the problems posted in the other threads. Pick something for your own size, and go for it. :)

k, tnx! I'll look them up.

One more question: Will I use the console or something like Visual Studio?

Actually think about something you want to have done --
Maybe gathering all of the scores from a team over time from their website and tracking stats.
Maybe creating a database of your club's members for an automatic email reminder.
Maybe automating a blog post with the latest information gathered from a group of sites and files...

For development:
If you have Visual Studio, use it.
It will work for Console Apps, GUIs, Web Apps and class libraries.

What about making a Chess application?

Thats great! BUT , this is ur FIRST EVER project using your FIRST EVER programming language, i think its best to keep the idea simple and go for advanced features using it.. For exampe : Do a student database!
Im doing the same for mine, except it has added functionality!
The list of my student database includes the following :
Viewing Marklist of a Student
Viewing Basic Information of A Student
Students Area (I'm defining them all below)
Teachers Login
Administrator Area

Students Area :
1) View Powerpoint Presentations ( Basically calls external files)
2) View Videos on interesting topics - Area 51, nanotechnology, philadelphia experiment, bermuda triangle
3) Play Games - Links to Microsoft games(FReecell, hearts etc) and 2 more games made using c++ - snake and tic tac toe
4) Viewing the periodic table

Teachers Login :
Every teacher logs in their own id and if she is a class teacher can modify marks of her particular class only, yet she can view the marks of every student classwise of any class
Can print class result of her class

Administrator Area :
Has complete access to everything in the program
Can reset the student and teacher database
Has access to modify the student and teacher database
Can access the students area and the teachers area
Can print class wise results of any class

Also, mind you this uses file handling as this incorporates permanent storage of data !!

When i say modify database, it means the following features :
2) delete
3) view
4) modify(correct)

In my opinion its HOW you do what matters more than WHAT you do(not that ur base idea shouldn't be good)

WOW! This is really a nice idea. I'm going to work on it. Further instructions on this project will really be appreciated. Thanks a lot :)

You're always welcome! Oh n yea, if u need any help on how to do anything, you are always welcome to email me at adityatandon2006@yahoo.co.in. Also, please keep the heading as 'DaniWeb' as i'd instantly know that its important as i delete half my mails as they're from facebook :P

If u want to have a look at my project, i could send u the executable file too !

Thanks a lot! I'll send you an email ASAP :)

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