Hello. I need some help with variable types. I am currently an 11th grader taking my first Computer science class. I am learning C++ and I would like to know how I can make 10/3 3.33 rather than 3 in C++. For example, a member on the forums updated my code for me and made my basic calculator better but division values don't hold decimals.

#include <iostream>

// A more complex, yet, code effective way to program =)
// Hope this helps you understand, I'll also add some other features
// You can work out, this may help with your learning (or mess your head)!

int addFunc(int x, int y);
int  subFunc(int x, int y);
double divFunc(int x, int y);
double multFunc(int x, int y);
using namespace std;

int main()
	int select, x, y;

	cout << "Please enter your first number: ";
	cin >> x;
	cout << "\n Please enter your second number: ";
	cin >> y;
	While loop: This runs a particular block of code until the comparision is true
				  In this case, until the user selects "5" in which time, the program
				  will quit =). While loops are useful because in this instance, the user
				  can do many calculations with the two numbers entered.

	while (select != 5)
		cout << "\n Menu" << endl;
		cout << "1) Addition" << endl;
		cout << "2) Subtraction" << endl;
		cout << "3) Division" << endl;
		cout << "4) Multiply" << endl;
		cout << "5) Quit" << endl;
		cin >> select;

		switch (select)
			case 1:
				cout << "Your result: " << addFunc(x, y);

			case 2:
				cout << "Your result: " << subFunc(x, y);

			case 3:
				cout << "Your result: " << divFunc(x, y);

			case 4:
				cout << "Your result: " << multFunc(x, y);
			case 5:
				return 0;

				cout << "Your number was not between 1-4";
    return 0;

	For each of your functions, you seem to be outputting the same information
	and inputting the data everytime the function is called, there is no need.
	Have your functions return a value, and, in main request the input of the data.

	Note: When you return data in a function, remember that the function declaration needs
	to be a data type, for example, if I'm returning an integer, then it would be int.

int addFunc(int x, int y)
	return x+y;

int  subFunc(int x, int y)
	return x-y;
double divFunc(int x, int y)
	return x/y;
double multFunc(int x, int y)
	return x*y;
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Thanks, works perfectly, just replaced double divfunc(int x, int y) with double divfunc(float x, float y) and it works.

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