I've put together a new computer and bought Windows 7 OEM for it. However, when I try to install it, it keeps doing one of the following:

a) Show "Starting Windows", with no logo animation or anything, then freeze there and force me to reboot since it stays for hours.
b) Goes to "Starting windows" and then throws a blue screen
c) Goes to "Starting windows", shows it for two seconds or so, then begin to show the green loading bar with "Microsoft Corporation" below, but freeze before it's fully faded in. Same as #a, basically.
d) oes to "Starting windows", shows it for two seconds or so, then begin to show the green loading bar with "Microsoft Corporation" below, then abruptly turn the computer off (doesn't reboot automatically).

I've googled for a bit but I've been unable to find anything what so ever that helps. Any suggestions?

Motherboard: Asus M4A87TD EVO
CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 3,5GHz
PSU: OCZ Fatal1ty 550W
GFX card: Gigabyte GeForce GTX 460 1GB
RAM: Corsair XMS3 8GB DDR3
HDD: Seagate Barracuda 1TB

Everything but the GFX card and PSU is brand new. GFX and PSU are from an old computer but they've been verified to work correctly.

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i have seen this before

make sure that NO usb devices are connected to the computer once installation starts

make sure that you are installing the correct version (32 or 64 bit)

let me know if one of these helps you, if not I'll dig up some things i read before

also, remove the gfx and use the onboard during installation

I've got no USB devices or anything connected. I had the first couple of times I tried but then I read somewhere that that was a bad idea so I removed them, to no avail.

As for the version, I'm installing the 64-bit version. And the motherboard has no integrated GFX card.

Thanks for your reply, I appreciate it.

ok no problem

if it freezes on starting windows then that is a driver problem normally
restart the computer and keep pressing f8 see if it gives you the option to boot into safe mode.

IF it does, try to update all drivers accordingly in the safe mode. Safe mode may fail on a specific driver, if it does let me know the driver

if this doesnt work

access the computer BIOS, make sure the hard drives are set to IDE and not AHCI


Update the BIOS
Disable USB keyboard and USB mouse in BIOS
Disable LAN in BIOS
Disable FDD in BIOS
Eject the Win7 DVD after it freezes, and reinsert
Wait 30+ minutes for the system to finally continue

Try booting up in safe mode and your problem is drier related. Is all your driver up to date

Come on guys. He has not installed Windows yet, so cannot boot into safe mode.

try another installation disk.the disk you have might be the issue.

Oh thanks crunchie, i thought he has already windoes on his laptop and wanted to install a new one. As mikeandreas has said the disk might also have problem, but i doubt that is the main root of the problem

it could be the dvd drive stop responding to the windows 7 try to use external dvd drive to install the windows 7 hope it works...or try usb to install windows 7 ....

Yeah, you are right benmar. The disk drive can't read the disk for some apparent reason

welcome jingda

Hi benmar, so do you have a solution to the problem. This problem seems more complex than i thought.

my solution for that is borrow a external dvd rom you can format using that external dvd rom or try to used the USB as bootloader for your Operating system...

actually, if he gets to the 'starting windows screen' after the installation, it should boot into safe mode

commented: Yup you are right +1

Ensure that no USB device is connected to the computer once installed starts.Try start in safe mode, your problem is related to the drying. All your drivers are up to date. It may be the DVD drive to stop responding Windows 7 attempts to use an external DVD drive to install Windows 7, Project Hope.

commented: Dude, that is what me and other posters have said before +0

jamestrony, please read the whole of this thread. Everything you suggested has already been suggested before!!!

rik, i know i already said this but i wanted to check and see if you checked

access the computer BIOS, make sure the hard drives are set to IDE and not AHCI


1. Did you run Windows Upgrade Advisor to see if there are any known issues that might affect the installation and fix them.

2. Make sure your computer has the most recent BIOS and drivers.
3. Disconnect all external devices except keyboard and mouse before installing.
4. If your computer/motherboard has integrated video use that and remove the dedicated video card.
5. If you have a large amount of RAM (memory), try reducing the amount of installed RAM. 1GB if installing 32bit, 2GB for 64bit, then replace RAM if the upgrade is successful.
6. If you downloaded Windows 7 and burned it to a DVD try burning it again at the slowest speed possible. It's also possible the download may have errors, you could try downloading it again.

7. Check your RAM (memory) for errors. This may take awhile.
A) Insert the Windows 7 DVD and restart the computer.
B) Boot from the Windows 7 DVD.
C) Choose your language, then click Next.
D) Click on "Repair your computer" then select the operating system to repair.
E) Click the Memory Diagnostics link on the System Recovery menu.
F) The computer will restart and your memory checked for any errors.

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actually, if he gets to the 'starting windows screen' after the installation, it should boot into safe mode

That's probably the best peice of advice thus far in this thread, to take it just a step further it pretty much throws out the possibility the dvd isn't beind read unless I missed something. How did you get to the windows login if you didn't install from the dvd in the first place?

Sir, I'm having the same problem here. I have a samsung n150 plus netbook that already has a windows 7 installed. However, when I boot it, it hangs on the loading part where Microsoft Corporation with a bar on top appears. No animation on the bar though. Anyway, I've tried booting in safe mode and the last loaded driver is AVGIDSEH.Sys. A message at the bottom says please wait... The it just hang. Also, I tried reformating the netbook using an external dvd writer but still no luck. There goes the loading ... and then it went back to start when it rebooted. I've also tried windows xp. Same thing happened. It booted from the disk, loaded the files then went in to starting windows... of course the installation will require rebooting. But still not setup process appeared. just the old windows encountered error with the suggestion of start windows normally and the other one which has a recommended on the name. I've tried both of the options which both leads me to the loading... hang... please help..! tnx in advance..! ^^

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