I had a hard drive crash, which meant I had to install a new HDD in my Dell 64-Bit XPS 1350 (lovely computer). I had previously been running Windows 7 Ultimate Professional which I had upgraded from the OEM Win 7 Home Premium by means of a disk I purchased from my university.

Using the Recovery disk from Dell I installed Windows 7 Home Premium successfully on the new hard drive, but when I have tried to upgrade via my disk to Ultimate it installs the whole thing, says its complete, but when I reboot, tells me:

"This version of Windows could not be installed. Your previous version of Windows has been restored, and you can continue to use it."

I've installed the drivers from Dell's driver disk, but still to no avail. I've also used Driver Robot to update all my drivers.

I can't find a .dmp file anywhere under C:\$WINDOWS.~BT\Sources

but I did find this file under

setupact.log https://www.dropbox.com/s/yzy7fhkxlzc235y/setupact.log

If anyone could please advise me what I need to do to fix Windows so it will upgrade properly, I would greatly appreciate it.

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hello ,I will supply a link for how to install using a upgrade disk,read the info, and then follow Method #2
good luck

I neglected to add that the software always forces me to do an "Anytime Upgrade" with the following error message:

"To upgrade from one edition of Windows 7 to another edition of Windows 7, use Windows Anytime Upgrade. Cancel the upgrade, open the Start menu, and search for Windows Anytime Upgrade."

I understand this is a method to clean install, which will erase the previous installation, right?

yes the link I posted is for a clean install and will erase old install , maybe try option #3 from the link ,

and if you mean anytime upgrade will delet old install and programs no it will not ,
I just used it last week to upgrade my win8 to win8 pro and lost nothing

My current install of my OEM Win 7 Home Premium will not allow me to upgrade by disk (Option 3) to Win 7 Ultimate. When I try to do it, it forwards me to Anytime Upgrade. However, Anytime Upgrade does not accept my Product Key which is for a disc upgrade.
Therefore, option 3 doesn't work.

But I was able to upgrade when I did this before in 2009, with the same computer, same upgrade disk.

Problem solved. Contaced Microsoft, who told me it was a North/Latin American disk, but I've been upgrading in Germany. Used an IP masker, and upgrade worked a treat. Thanks for your help and suggestions.

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